Create a Photobook with Blurb!

A Great Way To Save and Display Your Work – Blurb It! 

Blurb Book

A great way to display your creations, show off your portfolio, or simply remember your proudest moments is to create a photobook with Blurb.

I have actually used Blurb a few times for various projects, and I can personally recommend the quality.  The free software makes creating a professional looking book really simple, and gives you complete control over how your book will look.  The print and page quality is excellent.

If you are an experienced cake decorator, maybe you would like to try your hand at writing a how-to or tutorial of some ideas that you have come up with.  Blurb is the perfect way to create and sell your work!

If you are not yet convinced, they are offering 15% Off your order to get you started!

 Blurb Custom Planner's

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