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I have actually used Blurb a few times for various projects, and I can personally recommend the quality.  The free software makes creating a professional looking book really simple, and gives you complete control over how your book will look.  The print and page quality is excellent.

If you are an experienced cake decorator, maybe you would like to try your hand at writing a how-to or tutorial of some ideas that you have come up with.  Blurb is the perfect way to create and sell your work!

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Reviews of Contemporary Cake Decorator’s Bible

The “Contemporary Cake Decorator’s Bible: Over 150 Techniques and 80 Stunning Projects” by best-selling author and sugarcrafter Lindy Smith is packed full of modern, fun and exciting ideas to make your cake something special.

Not only does it include loads of ideas to inspire you, it also is a useful resource and reference book for mastering over 150 techniques in cake decorating and baking.  It also includes over 80 projects for you to get started with detailed step-by-step instructions.

Whether you are an experienced cake decorator looking for new ideas, or a complete novice, you will enjoy creating and learning from this beautifully illustrated book.

It also makes a fabulous gift for anyone who loves making and decorating cakes!

The Good

This book is viewed as a favorite by many customers, especially beginners as it contains detailed and clear step-by-step instructions and information about how to use a variety of tools, molds etc.

Some sections of the book that were really appreciated were “Non-Sugarcarft Tools” which shows you how to use everyday household items as tools, the “Color Wheel” sections for help on tinting and coloring icing and the “Cake Carving” section which is a particularly tricky thing to master.

Loads of people say that it is a fantastic book for explaining how to use the tools that most people probably have at home.

The Not So Good

Although claiming to have something for everyone, most people felt that it was more useful for those not so experienced.  People who are already skilled at cake decorating may not find that much to inspire or teach them.