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Cake Decorator Ann Pickard

Ann Pickard

Interview with Cake Decorator Ann Pickard. We first saw Ann Pickard at a sugarcraft show in Dublin. She was demonstrating how to make some really cute little animals in just a few seconds!

Carlos Lischetti Sugarcraft

Carlos Lischetti

Talented sugar artist and author of Sugarcraft Book “Animation In Sugar” Carlos Lischetti can turn a piece of sugar into a living, breathing character full of life and expression.

Karen Davies

Karen Davies

Sugar Artist

Karen Davies is probably best known for her people molds and any cake made with them is distinctive enough to be easily recognizable! Many people find that modelling faces and bodies …


Colette Peters


I first discovered work by Colette Peters when looking at some online classes on a website called I’ve been watching Colette’s online video classes, “Vintage Cakes, Modern Methods”.

Jamie Hoffman Yuma Couture Cakes

Jamie Hoffman

Yuma Couture Cakes

I first “met” Jamie on an active cake decorating forum a few weeks ago. After listening to what she has to say, I am very impressed with the sound advice that she is passing on.

Sarah Thomas Cupcake Oven

Sarah Thomas

The Cupcake Oven

A mum who quit her high-flying legal career to pursue a passion for making and decorating cakes, Sarah Thomas shows that you can follow your dreams and make a success of it!

Tanya Ross image

Tanya Ross

Novel-T Cakes

Tanya Ross is a self-confessed self-taught sugarcraft-aholic! Since being bitten by the bug, she has turned her talents to creating some stunning novelty cakes, and is making a name for herself in the Irish Sugarcraft field.


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