Top 10 Sugarcraft Items To Have In Your Cake Decorating Kit

Top 10 Items to Have In Your Beginner Cake Decorating Kit!

Here are 10 items that I think everyone should have in their beginner cake decorating kit! Its a good place to begin if you are just starting up and are not sure what to buy…

 A large non-stick rolling-pin is one of the more expensive items you will need to start up, but one that will more than pay for itself over time.  You will need one of these to roll out your fondant to cover your cake.  You can also use it to measure how much you need to roll out, and to lift the fondant and place it over your cake without tearing it.

A useful item for your kit is a non stick mat that you can bring with you anywhere.  One like this will also help you to measure out your fondant and get it to the right size for your cake.

A smoother will help you to get a smooth, polished surface to your fondant once it is on the cake. The more you work the fondant with the smoother, the better your finished cake will look.

 This little kit is a handy one to start with. You have a few of Wilton’s gel colors to get various shades and colors.  You only need a small amount as the colors are very intense.  Use a cocktail stick to put a small amount in the center of a ball of fondant, and fold in on itself to mix in the color well. Add more color or more fondant to get the shade you want.  Don’t mix in completely for a marbled look.

Icing bags and nozzles can be used to ice decorations with buttercream,  or to write a message onto your cake.  To achieve a harmonious color palette, use some freshly boiled water to water down some of the left over fondant that you have already colored.  Mix until it is a proper consistency for filling your icing bag and piping.

 These soft pads are useful for softening the edges of your flowers or other items that you have cut out without tearing them.

A ball tool used in conjunction with your soft pad will soften and give shape and movement to your flower petals.

 A smaller non-stick rolling pin will also come in handy for creating your decorations.  It can be tricky to use the large rolling pin for rolling out small pieces of fondant.

 A good selection of crimpers will help you to achieve a professional finish to your cake.  Crimp the edges of your board and the edges of your cake to give a cute pattern and design.  There are also many other uses for your crimpers!

 You should have some basic cutters in your kit that can be used for many things.  This set of flowers is a good place to start.  Usee your imagination to layer different sizes, colors and layers of petals to create 3d flowers.

 Flowers need leaves. These rose leaf cutters are versatile and have the veined design incorporated into them.

With these basic items, you could easily create a cake that looks something like this..

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  2. Thank you v much for displaying these advices as I am newly starting learning decorating the cake.
    I will follow your precious advices

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