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Wholesome Delights Beyond Baking: Discover Baker & Spice


Step into a world of sensory delight with Baker & Spice, where craftsmanship thrives in every detail. Just as an artist’s passion imbues each stroke on canvas, we infuse every creation with the essence of quality and love.

Discover more than a bakery experience with Baker & Spice’s array of exquisite offerings. Our expertise in handcrafted sourdoughs, Danish rye bread, and an iconic signature carrot cake elevates your culinary journey. Beyond baked goods, our menu encompasses nourishing salads, Vietnamese Pho, savory roast chicken, and tantalizing tartines, ensuring a symphony of flavors to please your palate.

For wine enthusiasts, our collection traverses the globe, sourcing from boutique wineries across 10 diverse countries. Delight in your favorite libations while savoring our masterfully curated dishes.

Baker & Spice stands as a beacon of taste and artistry, radiating warmth in our spacious cafes adorned with charming decor. Dive into our carrot cake, a masterpiece that has earned acclaim. Revel in the charm and trendiness of our shop decorations, inviting you to a multisensory experience.

Join us in celebrating the art of savoring life’s moments. With over 60 stores in China, Baker & Spice epitomizes quality, mirroring the core values of its sister brand, Wagas. We resonate with those who exude passion and smiles in their craft – a shared philosophy that transforms every creation into a masterpiece.


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Dessert, Fruit Cake, Sweet Treats
Dessert, Fruit Cake

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Spacious cafe with a range of pastriesjuicescoffee and wine. The carrot cake is too notch!

**Angela Liu**


Great pastries and coffee. Fast, easy service. Loved the almond chocolate croissant

**Alena Woo**


Hey .... Did you try the Dark Chocolate Cake here .... The one with the Strawberries & Blue Berries top of it , It's really Delicious ... You should try ... I really couldn't get rid of it ...

**Maria Hyatt**

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