Share Your Cake

You worked hard to make and decorate your cake. Let your cake live way beyond it’s moment of glory.

Submit your cake to our cake showcase and share it here to inspire fellow cake decorators for years to some. You may find that your next masterpiece comes from an idea you got from another fellow cake maker right here at How To Ice a Cake.

Here are some helpful tips that will make it easier for you…

  1. Tell us the story of your cake. Explain how you made it and also how it turned out. What reaction did it get from the birthday girl or boy and the guests too! Write what was easy or difficult about making it, and anything else that may bring joy and inspiration to our community here at How To Ice a Cake.
  2. Try to write at least 200 words if you can – the more the merrier.
  3. Save your write up in a text editor like “Word” or Google Docs so nothing gets lost.
  4. Give your Cake submission a compelling title.
  5. Paste the Title into the submission form.
  6. Paste the text you wrote and submit.
  7. Crop your images so that each image file-size in under 0.5MB and the keep width to under 800px. Either portrait, landscape or square format is fine.

We can’t wait to see your cake. Good Luck!