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Cake Decorating Ideas

Every masterpiece starts with a single idea, so start looking for inspiration in cake decorating ideas

If you ever watched Sugar Rush or Zumbo’s Just Desserts on Netflix, chances are you are one of many who googled ‘how to decorate a cake for beginners’ after watching brilliant bakeries creating sweet treats that look beautiful and incredibly delicious.

Cake Decorating Ideas for All

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There are millions of sources online which can help you to find cake decorating ideas for beginners for different occasions, whether you want to find cake decorating ideas for girls, cake decorating ideas for boy birthday, cake decorating ideas for husband, or cake decorating ideas for mom’s birthday.

The decoration is certainly an art, as is demonstrated by such fashionable decorative techniques as cake design. Using our sugarcraft tips and tutorials is sure to help. What is sugarcraft? This article will explain.

However, we can also create original decorations by following simple and easy cake decorating ideas at home, to make them appealing and Insta-ready: a little dexterity and imagination will be enough to make your creations unique.

So, let’s discover ways to decorate cakes simply and creatively with the tricks to create real works of art.

Cake Decoration with Chocolate

Cake Decorating Ideas

If you are looking for a simple but effective idea, chocolate cake decorating ideas are easy to apply and are ideal for birthday cakes. It is the ideal decoration for those who love to create something spectacular in a short time but without much difficulty.

Simply melt the dark or milk chocolate in a bain-marie, then insert the melted chocolate into the pastry bag and create the designs or writings you prefer on the parchment paper. Then let it cool and place the decoration on your cake.

While most of us would rather mess up than decorate a cake if we had just over two minutes to do so, chef Tony from the YouTube channel Got Cake shows you that with a little practice it is possible to decorate a cake in 2 minutes.

In addition to creating a single design, you can also create many different chocolate decorations and place them both around and on top of the cake. Chocolate cake accessorize is among simple cake decorating ideas for birthdays and similar festivities.

Decorating a Cake With Fruits

For original cake decorating ideas use fruit. If you are interested in how to decorate a cake uniquely, you can simply make a decoration with fruit, ideal with pears. It is an ideal addition for cake designs with whipped cream. Put the candies in a plastic bag and break them.


Cut the pears into very thin slices, arrange them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and sprinkle with the crumbled candies. Put in the oven at 180 degrees for about 10 minutes.

Once ready, let your decorations cool and apply them to the cake following your inner creative spirit. You can always decorate the cake with a variety of fruits, and in autumn, you can play with slices of tangerines and arrange the flowers.

Lemon is available all year round, and on a cake or pie, it will be even more effective if you candy it in sugar. Pour ¾ cups of water and the same amount of sugar into the pan and let it heat up, then add thinly sliced lemon rings and simmer for five to seven minutes. Once the lemon has cooled, arrange it as desired.

For more cake designs, check Better Homes and Garden’s  Cake Decorating Ideas with Fruit and Candy with vibrant-colored candies and tart lemons.

Cake Decorating Ideas With Flowers

Fresh flowers can make even a simple daisy cake unique, but use only edible flowers and not purchased from the florist, because they are full of harmful substances. You can cover a cake with rose petals, and always put some rosebuds, which are perfect for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.


Candy Cake Decorations For Kids & Grown-ups

Candies are a quick and easy solution, mainly as candy cake design for kids but it can also be an interesting and spanking new candy-themed birthday cake or a cake decorating idea for men combined with fresh alcohol or non-alcohol beverage aroma like sangria.


You can easily make jelly candy roses just sprinkle a little sugar on the work surface and roll out the jelly candies on it until they are in the shape of pancakes.

When you make three of these, shape each other into a tube, like a sleeve, and curve the ends until it takes the shape of a flower. Squeeze the bottom of the flower with your fingers to make it stand nicely on the cake.

Ready-made toppers or similar cake decorating figures can be found in every major store so it is not bad to have them in the house for last-minute decorating. Combine with chocolate candy cake decorations or just grate a little chocolate into the smallest pieces and sprinkle it in a spiral. You can always take small candies or chocolate letters and print a nice message.

Cake Frosting For a Mirror Shiny Cake

If you love simple decorations that enhance the shape of your cake, the decoration with icing remains the best choice: you can make royal icing based on powdered sugar, egg white, and lemon juice, which you can make colorful by adding food coloring, or a chocolate glaze, made with dark chocolate, sugar, and water.

Cake Decorating Ideas

Once the icing is made, pour it on the surface of the cake leveling it with a spatula: do not work it too much but let it dry to see it shiny and smooth. Although it may sound complicated at first, it is one of the breathtaking ideas on how to decorate a cake if you do not have a lot of time.

Youtube Channel: Tasty shows you how to do a Mirror Glaze Cake in a simple yet effective way.

Buttercream Cake Decorating Ideas

Another simple decoration for your cakes is the one made with buttercream, a kind of frosting widely used in American pastry, both for filling and for covering cakes and sweets such as cupcakes.


It is a soft but full-bodied cream that, unlike whipped cream, allows you to create precise and particular decorations such as small finishes, flowers, or whatever your imagination suggests.

Orange Cake Designs

Orange cake decoration ideas are usually simple and easy to make. You can use the orange frosting as a glue to attach other foods on top of your cake like chocolate chips, walnuts, orange slices or other fruit.

Orange Cake Decoration Ideas

You can make the cake ahead of time, and then add decorations to it before serving. This way you’ll have more time to enjoy yourself with your guests without running around the kitchen wearing an apron!

Final Word

Decorations for cakes and pastries can be found in stores in a variety of colors, designs, and flavors, but what we often do not pay attention to are the additives that are added to them.

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, then it is a special challenge for you to choose decorations for cakes, since many packages of the same contain red dye (obtained from insects) or gelatin (obtained by boiling animal bones).


Try natural cake decorations, which will look nice on your desserts and cakes, and will not contain “suspicious” additives, like pineapple slices, that look beautiful on children’s cake designs and are one of the most common ingredients used to decorate cakes in India.

You can also use chopped pistachio which is the most beautiful natural green decoration for cakes and desserts.

Cake decorations do not have to be difficult and are reserved for pastry professionals. You can get started with sugarcraft supplies on a budget. If you did not have a clue where to start, we hope this article helped you to find easy cake decorating ideas at home.

To embellish a cake, it also takes a little practice, so do not start with very difficult things right away, but start with simple techniques, and cake after cake, you will surely become a Raffaello of desserts! Nailed it!

For more ideas and advice, contact our decorating expert enthusiasts or check more sugarcraft tips and tricks that we share on our blog.

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