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7 Easy Orange Cake Decoration Ideas

7 Easy Orange Cake Decoration Ideas

Baking a cake is fun because it allows you to be creative with the decoration.

If you are looking for a simple yet impressive way to decorate your orange cake? Then look no further! Orange cake is a delightful dessert that can be enjoyed on any occasion, and with these 7 easy orange cake decoration ideas, you can take your cake to the next level. From citrus-inspired designs to stunning floral arrangements, these ideas are sure to impress your guests and make your cake the talk of the town. So, grab your frosting and piping bags, and let’s get decorating!

Whether you’re looking for quick and an easy orange cake decoration idea or one that is a little more complicated, we’ve got you covered!

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Orange cake designs

7 Easy Orange Cake Decoration Ideas

We strongly believe that decorating a cake is the fun part of baking because you can show your creativity.
Our cake decoration ideas collection includes simple, straightforward methods and techniques ideal for decorating various orange cakes. Here are a few:

Decorate Your Cake With Fruits

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Orange cake decoration ideas; Buttercream orange cake

Fruits are perfect for decorating your orange cakes (especially buttercream orange cakes)

It is easy to use, and you have many options depending on the season.

Fruit is the most incredible option if you’re looking for something light and energizing. There are numerous and various fruits that perform brilliantly as cake toppings, from fresh raspberries to dried raisins.
You can make use of fresh berries in the summer, such as raspberries and strawberries, and figs and physalis in the fall. Mix a few fresh herbs with your fruits, such as mint or lemon thyme, for a touch of greenery.

If you are using fresh fruits, add them at the last minute. If you are not using dried fruit, wet fruit could make the buttercream or cream topping move or melt slightly.

I prefer to use fruit best on my semi-naked orange cake.

Make A Candy Cake Decoration

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Orange cake decoration ideas; candy cake

Candy is a quick and simple solution, especially when used as a candy cake design for children.

However, candy cakes can also be a fascinating, brand-new, cake-decorating concept for adults, especially when paired with a fresh alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage aroma, like sangria.

It is easy to make shapes out of candy; you just need to be creative with it.
You can sprinkle your orange cake with chocolate candy or grate bars of chocolate and spread it in a spiral manner on top of your cake

Use Butter Cream & Frosting

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Orange cake designs; swiss meringue buttercream

Whether we are talking about orange sponge cakes or orange cupcakes, buttercream is an easy and excellent cake decoration.

It is no surprise that it is a favourite cake decoration as it can be produced in several flavours and colours. It can also come in different presentations, from piped swirls to a smooth palette-knife finish.

Buttercream comes in various flavours, including American, Swiss, and French, to mention a few. Extracts, chocolate, sauces, and even dried fruit powders go with most Buttercream flavours.

If you’re just learning how to decorate cakes, you can either go all out with piping or place it in separate places on your naked cake.

A cake scraper and an offset palette knife are the only tools needed for spreading buttercream and creating lovely, smooth edges, respectively.

Removing the butter may also transform your buttercream into a cream cheese frosting.
If your buttercream is too loose or watery, add icing sugar to it to make it firmer. Or you could put it in the refrigerator to firm up a bit.

Use Edible Flowers

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Orange cake decoration ideas; edible flowers

These cake designs are primarily used for wedding cakes, bride-to-be cakes, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

Fresh flowers can make the simplest of cakes look stunning. Please note that you can only use edible flowers for your cake, as the regular flowers you get from the florist are full of unedible harmful substances.

Use Cream Cheese Frosting

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Orange cake designs; cream cheese

This is perfect for orange cakes. You could have an orange cream cheese frosting if you want an all-orange cake.

Cream cheese frostings are flavorful and silky smooth and can be whipped up in a matter of minutes with instant pudding, cream, and flavouring!

Cream cheese frostings are softer than your usual buttercream frosting. Because of this, you may need to add a little additional powdered sugar to get the right consistency or pop it in the refrigerator to firm it up before working with it.

After you have applied the cream cheese frosting, refrigerate the cake for about 2hours before serving

Use Royal Icing

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Orange cake decoration ideas; royal icing

Royal icing is perfect for you if you love simple decorations that enhance the shape of your cake.

You can make this icing using egg white, powdered sugar and lemon juice. You can make it colourful by adding food colouring or a chocolate glaze made with dark chocolate, sugar, and water.

Once the frosting is prepared, spread it evenly over the cake’s top using a spatula. Avoid overworking the icing; let it dry until it is shiny and smooth. Although it may appear complicated initially, it is one of the most beautiful suggestions for quick cake decoration.

Do A Coconut Cake Design

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Orange cake decoration ideas; orange coconut cake

Orange and coconut can be quite the pair. An orange and coconut cake is the perfect dessert for spring and summer.

For the cake itself, you can fold the shredded coconut into your orange cake batter to get the perfect balance of citrus and sweet coconut flavour.

The whipped coconut cream cheese filling & frosting is flavorful, soft, and delicious.
If you make a layer cake, put the frosting between each layer. Fill in gaps between the cake layers with coconut frosting, then crumb coat the cake.
It would be best to put the cake in the refrigerator for about 30mins before applying the final coat of frosting.

A tip to make this cake decoration more beautiful and enjoyable is to press slices of sweetened coconut all over the outside and top it with a bit of orange zest.

You can use coconut buttercream, and a filling of coconut whipped cream as an alternative to this orange cake decoration’s ingredients.

Orange Cake Designs: Conclusion

Cake decorations do not have to be complicated. Neither do you have to be a professional to make unique cake designs. You can get started with supplies you can easily get. If you did not know where to start, we hope this article helped you find easy cake-decorating ideas at home. Which are your favorite orange cake decoration ideas? Share with us.




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