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Sunflower-Themed Cakes: 6 Simple Flower Cake Design

Sunflower-Themed Cakes: 6 Simple Flower Cake Design

Sunflower-themed cakes are a popular choice for all sorts of celebrations, from summer weddings to cheerful birthday parties. With their bright yellow petals and distinctive shape, sunflowers add a touch of whimsy and joy to any dessert table.

However, to use fresh flowers, make sure your flowers are properly prepared. Placing fresh flowers in a cake without sealing them can cause toxic chemicals (such as pesticides) to get into the cake, posing a significant food hazard to your guests. 

Aside from seeping toxic chemicals into your cake, some flowers are harmful to humans if consumed. Some flowers can cause stomach upset, but others are deadly poisonous.

That isn’t to say you can’t use all of these flowers on your cake, but you should take extra care to ensure they are sealed, safe, and clean before placing them on the cake.

This is the guide to read if you are looking for a simple flower cake design or sunflower-themed cakes. Follow this easy guide to putting fresh flowers on a cake without making anyone sick.

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Cake decorating ideas with flowers

How To Make A Sunflower-Themed Cake

Sunflowers are edible flowers, so you can use fresh sunflowers when they are in season.
It would be best to get your flowers from a trustworthy edible flower grower who does not spray pesticides on them. You might have some in your garden that you grew from seed.

Fresh sunflowers are reasonably sturdy, so they can sometimes last without water. However, it would be best to add them fresh on the day of the event.

If you do not want to use fresh sunflowers, you can pipe buttercream florals (sunflowers) or make flowers out of fondant to place on the cake. 

Here are some cake-decorating ideas with sunflowers:

Use only the Sunflower Blooms.

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Sunflower blooms; cake decorating ideas with flowers

Sunflowers can be too much on a cake if you’re not careful with the design. But using only the sunflower blooms will give you an elegant summer look.

Hand-Paint the Sunflower Petal

This works on fondant cakes and is an excellent alternative to fresh blooms.

Use the sunflowers to dress up a semi-naked cake. 

If you have an outdoor celebration- a wedding or birthday party, this is a great decoration idea. As is using fruit like oranges to decorate your cake.

Mix it up with other flowers.

Sunflowers are edible, so you can make an ideal pressed sunflower on your cake.
You can try the pressed flower look by pairing sunflowers with fresh lavender sprigs.

Depending on the season you are in, you can consider adding strawberries and blueberries to your cake.

Sunflower Cupcakes

What if you took the sunflower party a step further by serving cupcakes? These are the cutest treats to put on a wedding dessert table.

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Simple flower cake design; cupcakes

Decorate With Cascading Sunflowers 

Decorate your cake with simple white buttercream frosting, cascading sunflower blooms, and baby’s breath.

This cake makes a bold statement, and the sunflowers add a pop of color. You can pick any of these simple flower cake designs. 

FAQs For Sunflower-Themed Cakes

Below are a few frequently asked questions to help you make your sunflower cake design.

Q: Where do I buy fresh flowers for my cake?

A: A grocery store or a flower market. Make sure to buy more flowers than you think you’ll need because some may wilt and look unappealing when it’s time to use them. Choose large flowers as the main charm and smaller flowers and leaves as fillers. Filling holes in certain areas will be more challenging using only large flowers.

Q: How do I keep fresh flowers from wilting?

A: Flowers usually come with a pack of flower vitamins that you mix into the water to keep them fresh. To avoid wilting, follow the mixing instructions and keep the flowers in water until ready to use them.

Q: Do I need tools and materials to put fresh flowers on a cake?

A: Yes. Floral tape, scissors, and plastic wrap are required. I’ve used straws or water picks, which also work well in the past, but my stems are sometimes too thick for the straws.

Q: How do I ensure my fresh flowers are safe enough to eat?

A: Making your fresh flowers food-safe is simple, though it can take some time, depending on how many flowers you want to put on the cake. 

Cut your large central flower and a few smaller flowers to complement it.

Cut some plastic wrap into a 3′′x3′′ square.

Stretch about 4 inches of floral tape to activate the sticky part. Wrap the floral tape around the plastic wrap to keep it in place.

You can now arrange the flowers on the cake without fear of water leaking into it.

Or use edible flowers.

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Sunflower-themed cakes


Sunflower-themed cakes are a simple yet elegant way to add a touch of nature to any occasion. Sunflowers make for stunning cake decorations with their bright colors and unique shapes. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced baker, a sunflower cake’s simple flower cake design is easy to achieve and will impress your guests. From using buttercream to create the petals to incorporating fondant accents, there are endless ways to create a sunflower-themed cake that is both beautiful and delicious. So, the next time you want a simple yet impressive cake design, consider trying out a sunflower cake. You won’t be disappointed!

Have you made sunflower-themed cakes before? Share with us your best designs and inspiration.




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