Painting with Food Coloring on a Cake


Have you ever wanted to paint on a cake but didn’t know how? Well, this painting with food coloring on a cake article will show you just how easy it is!  So easy a kid can do it too!  This painting technique is perfect for adding detail, writing messages, or highlighting the frosting of your favorite dessert. The painting process can be completed in less time with the right technique and materials.  Read this articles if you want to learn how to make edible paint for cakes.

Check out our secret pro tip below to help bring more luster to the colors!

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Painting With Food Coloring on a Cake: The Tools Needed

Painting with food coloring is a great way to make cakes more colorful and fun. It’s easy to do, but you’ll need the right cake decorating tools. Here is what you will need:

  • Liquid food colorings
  • A frosted cake
  • Small bowls or a paint tray
  • Cake Decorating brushes; sterilized

How to Paint on a Cake With Liquid Food Coloring

Image by Brides

Paint on a cake with food coloring? It sounds like the perfect way to create a masterpiece! This is just a quick painting with liquid food coloring for cakes introduction, but it should help get you started.  You’ll be painting your first cake before you know it!

Here are some painting tips for painting on cakes:

  • Rough sketch a design so you have an idea of what you want to do and colors to  use.  If painting on a cake with food coloring for the first time, try painting simple designs like stripes or dots.  Practice painting onto an extra frosted or plain round cake before painting on a finished piece of work like birthday, wedding, or baby shower cakes.
  • Prepare the liquid food coloring for painting on cakes. Begin painting with the liquid food coloring to create your design by painting onto a cake that has been frosted.  If you choose to paint onto a plain cake, make sure it is completely cooled.
  • Have clean sterilized brushes ready for painting on cakes. You can purchase brushes specifically for painting on cakes. 
  • A clean bowl of water to rinse brushes between colors and painting on a cake.  Have a clean cloth to allow the brush to dry off between colors and allow it to completely dry before using it for the next color.  Having several brushes on hand is helpful.
  • Paint from lightest color to darkest color to get an even distribution of colors on your cake. Take the food coloring and brush it over the area you want to paint with liquid food color, let dry for a few seconds before painting another section. Repeat until your design is complete.
  • You can use painting tools like brushes or the end of a toothpick to create designs on your cake.
  • Keep in mind that darker colors will need more than one coat. 

Liquid Food Coloring vs. Gel Food Coloring


Many people wonder what the difference is between using a liquid versus a gel food coloring. There’s often confusion on how each works or when one should be used over another!

Let’s shed some light on this common mystery:

  • Liquid Food Coloring – is composed of water soluble dyes and works well for most foods. A great option for those who want more control with small adjustments.  Colors look more pastel and lighter when painting.
  • Gel Food Coloring – are oil-based, contains other ingredients in addition to the dye such as alcohols which can change the texture of certain dishes.  It is perfect if you want to color something but don’t want to add liquid.

If painting on cakes with food coloring is new to you, try starting with liquid paints before trying other techniques like painting with food coloring with gel.

Secret Pro Tip For Painting With Gel Food Colorings

Pssst, here’s a secret pro tip: use Vodka or other clear alcohol, or clear extracts such as clear vanilla and lemon to thin out the gel food colorings.  The colors will be vibrant and lustrous!  The alcohol will evaporate and help the gel colors dry faster on your cake.  Liquid food colors don’t need to be thinned out. 

Now that you’ve had a chance to see this painting technique, what are your thoughts? How do you think it compares with other cake decorating techniques out there?

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Unicorn Birthday Cake Ideas with Images

unicorn cake ideas for birthdays

Unicorn Birthday Cake Ideas

Are you looking for amazing unicorn birthdays cake ideas to make? If so then you’re in the right place. I’ve spent a few days researching and compiling this amazing list of unicorn cake ideas for birthdays with pictures to inspire you and help you find the best unicorn cake designs!

Keep scrolling to find the best unicorn cake designs for birthdays -for girls and for boys too…

Best Unicorn Cake Designs

We all know how difficult it can be to find the perfect cake for a unicorn-themed birthday party. After all, there are so many ideas out there! You want something that will make your child smile and that they’ll remember for years to come.

The whole family love Unicorns and we love cake! Who doesn’t love cake? We also love Unicorns so the combination of cake and Unicorns is just something we adore!

In case you haven’t looked around lately, unicorns are just a bit popular right now. And by “just a bit” I mean they are everywhere!

So, scroll down this page and find inspiration to assist you with your unicorn birthday cake design. Feel free to share this post with others on your socials.

If you are looking for other  cake decorating ideas you’ll find more on our site.

Childrens birthday party around a white unicorn birthday cake – Classic look
Unicorn Cake Ideas For Birthdays
Birthday Party set up with pink balloons and white and tan unicorn birthday cake and cupcakes
A flower is the perfect thing to put on your unicorn cake

Cake Design Unicorn

Unicorn birthday cakes are popular so suggest it to your child

Unicorn Birthday Cake Ideas

A lot of people think that a unicorn themed birthday cake would be perfect. Some ideas for this type of cake include laying down some brown sugar to create the ground and using marshmallow and cream cheese to create hills. Then add white frosting with pink to make it look like snow.

In order to give the cake a more magical feel, you can use sprinkles in different colors to represent the rainbow and use chocolate chips for stars in order to resemble the night sky. For another type of look, you can also sprinkle on some edible glitter or confetti.

Add a bow if you want to get fancy
If you have left over cake put it in their lunchbox
A white base colour and golden eye lashes is really pretty
Sparkles solve everything
A unicorn birthday cake should have eyes a horn and hair. Try your child’s favourite colour

Unicorn Cup Cake Ideas For Birthdays

There are many different ways to decorate a unicorn cupcake that can be enjoyed by anyone on their birthday. One option is to put a unicorn on top of the cupcake or to put some frosting in the shape of a unicorn horn.

You could also decorate it with assorted sprinkles in the colors of your choice. This will give it a more whimsical feel and will allow you to personalize your cupcake for each person who is eating it.

Blending buttercream is super pretty
unicorn cupcake
Unicorn Cupcake design
More unicorn cupcake ideas for birthdays – unicorn cupcakes stand out in a crowd
unicorn cupcake
Unicorn Cupcake Design using colors that compliment
unicorn cupcake
Pink, brown, and hazelnut are a good color combo for a cupcake display
unicorn cupcake
Unicorn cupcakes must always have a horn and ears
unicorn cupcakes
You don’t need many unicorn cupcakes to make an impact

More Birthday Unicorn Cake Designs

Put some berries on your childs unicorn birthday cake every now and then
If you want your cake to stand out in a crowd make sure to use a collection of colours
Unicorn Birthday Cake Ideas with Images
Chocolate is a rich and delicious flavour you should consider it
Pink is a really pretty colour
rainbow unicorn-birthday-cake
Aren’t rainbows where unicorns come from
You should always have gold in your unicorn cake
Be smart and have a surprise for your angel
If your unicorn cake doesn’t have a horn it’s a horse not a unicorn
Chocolate fixes everything
Your cake is your childs present

Unicorn Cake Designs For Birthday

The unicorn is a symbol of great power and magic, so it’s no surprise that the cake designers have come up with a design that is not only elegant but also has a magical vibe.

Make sure your cake is a big hit

Unicorn Cake For Boy

This is a cake that a mom made for her son’s birthday. The cake features a unicorn and buttercream swirls.

This is the most adorable cake I have ever seen! It looks so delicious and sweet. This cake is perfect for any child’s birthday party; it would make them feel like they are in heaven!

It’s a good idea to have your childs name on their cake

Unicorn Birthday Cake Design

It’s another good idea to have your childs age on their cake too
Why not have a cake and cupcakes

Unicorn Cake Idea

A unicorn cake is a cake decorated to look like a unicorn.

If you want to know what is needed for the design, then you should follow these steps:

  1. – Start with a baked cake.
  2. – Frost it with white buttercream frosting.
  3. – Add two vanilla cookies for the ears.
  4. – Add two marshmallows for the eyes and nose.

– Add food coloring if desired, but be careful not to add too much or else it will affect the taste of the frosting and will make it runny.

Unicorn Birthday Cake Ideas with Images
It’s nice to have different colour layers
Buttercream is easier than fondant why not use both

Birthday Cake For Girls Unicorn

The best birthday cake for girls would be a unicorn cake which is the most popular cake design among girls.

Unicorn cakes are hugely popular in the last few years with new variations of this theme being introduced every day. Celebrities like Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and other stars have helped make this theme even more desirable by sharing pictures of their own Unicorn cakes on social media. It’s easy to see why these cakes are so popular with children and adults alike!

unicorn-birthday-cake topper
Different colour hair strands is really cute

Unicorn Birthday Cake For Girl

A unicorn cake is a cake with a colourful horn on it. A unicorn cake can also be one with rainbow colours or pink and white icing.

The idea of a unicorn birthday cake has been around for a while. It has resurfaced recently because of the popularity of the TV show ‘My Little Pony’. You can use a unicorn soft toy as a unicorn cake topper

If you don’t have time for making a unicorn get a stuffed one from a toy shop
Use number candles

Girly Unicorn Cakes Design

There are many people that love girly things. This is the type of person that would also love girly unicorn cakes design, which is a very popular trend in past years. Unicorn cakes for girls are perfect for parties, birthday or just because. These cute unicorn cakes are easy to make and look so stunning when they’re done!

A tiara fit for your princess

Unicorn Birthday Cakes
Unicorn Cupcakes
Unicorn Cake Toppers

More Unicorn Birthday Cake Ideas

See more ideas about unicorn cupcakes, unicorn cakes and unicorn themed cake. With unicorns unique features, you may find different creative ways to decorate your cake.

A unicorn birthday party is incomplete without a pretty unicorn party cake. I hope you’ve found inspiration for your cake. You can also try the links below to see what others have created and designed.

Here are a few reference links for more unicorn birthday cake ideas:

  1. Unicorn Birthday Cake Ideas on Pinterest
  2. Unicorn Birthday Cakes on Pinterest
  3. Unicorn Birthday Cake Ideas on Blogspot

Some Photos from the Dublin Sugarcraft Guild Competition!

Some amazing demos and entries today at the Dublin Sugarcraft Guild Competition!!

Have a look at some of these wonderful cakes and leave us a comment! Maybe you will get some inspiration..

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Reviews of Contemporary Cake Decorator’s Bible

The “Contemporary Cake Decorator’s Bible: Over 150 Techniques and 80 Stunning Projects” by best-selling author and sugarcrafter Lindy Smith is packed full of modern, fun and exciting ideas to make your cake something special.

Not only does it include loads of ideas to inspire you, it also is a useful resource and reference book for mastering over 150 techniques in cake decorating and baking.  It also includes over 80 projects for you to get started with detailed step-by-step instructions.

Whether you are an experienced cake decorator looking for new ideas, or a complete novice, you will enjoy creating and learning from this beautifully illustrated book.

It also makes a fabulous gift for anyone who loves making and decorating cakes!

The Good

This book is viewed as a favorite by many customers, especially beginners as it contains detailed and clear step-by-step instructions and information about how to use a variety of tools, molds etc.

Some sections of the book that were really appreciated were “Non-Sugarcarft Tools” which shows you how to use everyday household items as tools, the “Color Wheel” sections for help on tinting and coloring icing and the “Cake Carving” section which is a particularly tricky thing to master.

Loads of people say that it is a fantastic book for explaining how to use the tools that most people probably have at home.

The Not So Good

Although claiming to have something for everyone, most people felt that it was more useful for those not so experienced.  People who are already skilled at cake decorating may not find that much to inspire or teach them.