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Trending Bride-to-be Cake Designs That Will Amaze

Trending Bride-to-be Cake Designs That Will Amaze

What’s a bachelorette party without a cake, right? Cakes make any party better but it can just cap off an event as memorable as a hen’s party. So… what bride-to-be cake designs would be fitting for a bride-to-be cake. It’s exciting times now because there are many trending cake designs for brides to be out there. Whatever kind of bride you are, you’re bound to find the right one for you. 

bride-to-be cake design image

Bride-to-be cake design

Best Bride To Be Cake Designs to Try Baking Right Now

If you are a bride looking for the best cake designs, here are the top bride-to-be cake designs you might want to consider right now: 

Personalized/Custom Designs

Trending Bride-to-be Cake Designs That Will Amaze
Cake design by orangespatulacakesandtreats

Many brides to be turn to personalized or custom cake designs. Today, bachelorette parties can be planned with a theme in mind. What better way to highlight that than to have a custom cake made for it? 

If you are having a garden-themed party, for instance, you can opt for a garden-themed cake as well. You can customize it to represent your personality. If you love music, have a music-themed cake. If you are a big fan of ballet, incorporate that in the design that you want. Don’t be afraid to let the baker know what you like.  

bride-to-be cake design image

Bride-to-be cake design

Message Cakes

Message cakes are not just popular for birthdays. They are also perfect for bridal showers or bachelorette parties. This can be great for bridesmaids planning the party for the bride. They can have a message piped on the cake. It can even be witty or naughty depending on the theme of the party. 

Watercolor/Painted Party Cakes

Painted cakes are a work of art. If the bridal party is having an elegant bachelorette party like a high tea party, this can be the best suggestion for a cake. Find a baker that can paint flowers on a simple fondant cake to jazz it up and make it look elegant. The result is a lot like watercolor paintings. Any bride will surely appreciate the work put into making these cakes. 

One-tier/ Tall Cakes

Tall cakes are all the rage these days because they are simple but they also leave a big impact. One-tier cakes can be made more formal with the addition of fondant flowers or even real flowers. They can be painted with patterns or can be incorporated with buttercream frosting to create more dimension on the cake.

Two-Tier Cakes

There are so many things you can do with a two-tier cake. Many cake bakers offer multiple flavors of cakes. If you can’t decide on just one cake flavor, two-tier cakes might just be the solution. Its flexibility also extends to the design of the cake. You can opt for a mismatched decoration or have something more cohesive.

bridal shower cake design

Bride-to-be cake design

Multi-Tier Cakes

They are perfect for more formal occasions. When you are having more guests for the bridal shower, a multi-tier cake can be the best choice as it lends that wow factor to a party. Have it designed to match the theme of the bridal shower.   

Naughty-Themed Cakes

Naughty cakes for a bridal shower will never go out of style. Fondant cakes are perfect for such a cake as you can easily mold the fondant to create naughty designs.

Mini Cakes

Mini cakes are very popular as of late. They are also known as lunch box cakes or Bento cakes. It first became popular in Korea but the rest of the world are following suit. These cakes are cute and easy to lug around. You can have multiple mini cakes to follow a theme. Have a message piped on the cake as well.

bride-to-be cake design cake image

Bridal shower cake design

Bride-to-be cake designs FAQs

How much do bridal shower cakes cost?

This depends on the size, flavor and type of cake. Of course, the more ingredients the bakers will use for the cake, the more expensive it will be. Intricate custom cakes also tend to be more expensive since they will be spending more time making a cake to suit the bride’s specifications.

How can I find bakers for bridal shower cakes?

You can start by getting recommendations from others who have already tried ordering bridal shower cakes. Another option is to do your research. Look for the most recommended bakeries that specialize in custom cakes. Check their previous works to see if they did a great job in adhering to the client’s wishes when it comes to the cake design.  


Making bride-to-be cakes is indeed a lucrative business. But make sure you know what’s on trend today so you can hop in it and create cakes that people will find fun and exciting. Share with us the best bridal shower cake design you’ve seen.




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