How to Make Edible Paint for Cakes


Have you ever wanted to add edible paint for cakes to your repertoire? I know I have! There are so many things that we can do with edible paints, and it’s a great way to make something special. In this blog post, we will talk about the different edible paints out there, how they work, and what ingredients you need to learn how to make edible paint for cakes. We’ll also go over some of the best ways to use edible paint for cakes in order to get the most out of these edible goodies!

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What is Edible Paint and Why Would I Use it For My Cakes

I’ve been in the business of cake making for quite some time, and I have to say that edible paint is my favorite new ingredient! There are so many things that you can do with these paints- from adding a pop of color to embellishing your designs.  You’ll be surprised at just how versatile this newest addition really is!!

3 Ways How to Make Edible Paint for Cakes


3 Types of Edible Paint for Cakes

There seem to be three main types, but there’s no limit when it comes to what you can experiment with

1. Oil Based Edible Paint for Cakes

An oil-based paint is made from a combination of vegetable shortening and powdered food coloring while;

2. Watercolor Edible Paint for Cakes

Watercolor washes require high-proof clear grain alcohol mixed in liquid food coloring for the best effect.

3. Royal Icing Edible Paint for Cakes

Royal icing has become more popular over time because it requires only egg white powder, powdered sugar, flavoring (if desired), as well as some water or milk for the perfect consistency; all these ingredients combined make an easy spreadable type of paste that dries hard like frosting on any surface imaginable!

What do you think about edible paints?

Examples of How to Use the Paint on a Cake

After you’ve made edible paint, the possibilities are endless! Cake decorating is a great way to have fun and show your creative side. One of the best ways to add color in your cake is by using paint on a cake. You can use edible paint on a cake to create some unique designs, write words or numbers, and even add details like brush strokes for an authentic painting.

Oil-based paint is an excellent way to have that “wet paint” look of an oil painting right on your cake!  Edible watercolor washes create amazing watercolor paint effects on frosting and royal icing.  The alcohol in them evaporates to leave a beautiful, smudge free design where the color stands out from the paint.  Colored royal icing is a very popular choice when decorating cakes and cookies.     

The edible paint also works well with fondant, gel colors and even buttercream frosting!  If you’re looking for a more natural look on your cake then try making edible paints out of food coloring mixed with water or milk. This can be done by adding the dye powder to the liquid.

Here’s a few ways to get started:

  • Use edible paint for cake as an accent by using it sparingly on light colors. You can use it all over when working with darker shades of icing or cake mix.
  • You can make edible paint in any flavor or color for cakes by spooning into different piping bags.
  • Paint edible flowers on top of a cake
  • Draw the outline of animals or words on top of a frosted layer with edible paint
  • Add edible paint to the frosting for a more natural look
  • Use edible chocolate paint to make a plaid design on top of your cake mix or buttercream icing by using different piping bags with edible paints in light and dark shades!

Tips on Making Your Own Edible Paints for Cakes

So you’re ready to try out some of these edible paints? Awesome! Remember, the key is experimenting. You don’t need a lot of ingredients for most paint recipes and it’s fun to have a little bit of everything on hand. Get creative with your painting, use different colors for every layer or even mix them together. The sky is really the limit here!

And with all of the different colors out there, you can make almost anything from flowers and rainbows to hearts or bees. How are you going to use these amazing paints?

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Painting with Food Coloring on a Cake


Have you ever wanted to paint on a cake but didn’t know how? Well, this painting with food coloring on a cake article will show you just how easy it is!  So easy a kid can do it too!  This painting technique is perfect for adding detail, writing messages, or highlighting the frosting of your favorite dessert. The painting process can be completed in less time with the right technique and materials.  Read this articles if you want to learn how to make edible paint for cakes.

Check out our secret pro tip below to help bring more luster to the colors!

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Painting With Food Coloring on a Cake: The Tools Needed

Painting with food coloring is a great way to make cakes more colorful and fun. It’s easy to do, but you’ll need the right cake decorating tools. Here is what you will need:

  • Liquid food colorings
  • A frosted cake
  • Small bowls or a paint tray
  • Cake Decorating brushes; sterilized

How to Paint on a Cake With Liquid Food Coloring

Image by Brides

Paint on a cake with food coloring? It sounds like the perfect way to create a masterpiece! This is just a quick painting with liquid food coloring for cakes introduction, but it should help get you started.  You’ll be painting your first cake before you know it!

Here are some painting tips for painting on cakes:

  • Rough sketch a design so you have an idea of what you want to do and colors to  use.  If painting on a cake with food coloring for the first time, try painting simple designs like stripes or dots.  Practice painting onto an extra frosted or plain round cake before painting on a finished piece of work like birthday, wedding, or baby shower cakes.
  • Prepare the liquid food coloring for painting on cakes. Begin painting with the liquid food coloring to create your design by painting onto a cake that has been frosted.  If you choose to paint onto a plain cake, make sure it is completely cooled.
  • Have clean sterilized brushes ready for painting on cakes. You can purchase brushes specifically for painting on cakes. 
  • A clean bowl of water to rinse brushes between colors and painting on a cake.  Have a clean cloth to allow the brush to dry off between colors and allow it to completely dry before using it for the next color.  Having several brushes on hand is helpful.
  • Paint from lightest color to darkest color to get an even distribution of colors on your cake. Take the food coloring and brush it over the area you want to paint with liquid food color, let dry for a few seconds before painting another section. Repeat until your design is complete.
  • You can use painting tools like brushes or the end of a toothpick to create designs on your cake.
  • Keep in mind that darker colors will need more than one coat. 

Liquid Food Coloring vs. Gel Food Coloring


Many people wonder what the difference is between using a liquid versus a gel food coloring. There’s often confusion on how each works or when one should be used over another!

Let’s shed some light on this common mystery:

  • Liquid Food Coloring – is composed of water soluble dyes and works well for most foods. A great option for those who want more control with small adjustments.  Colors look more pastel and lighter when painting.
  • Gel Food Coloring – are oil-based, contains other ingredients in addition to the dye such as alcohols which can change the texture of certain dishes.  It is perfect if you want to color something but don’t want to add liquid.

If painting on cakes with food coloring is new to you, try starting with liquid paints before trying other techniques like painting with food coloring with gel.

Secret Pro Tip For Painting With Gel Food Colorings

Pssst, here’s a secret pro tip: use Vodka or other clear alcohol, or clear extracts such as clear vanilla and lemon to thin out the gel food colorings.  The colors will be vibrant and lustrous!  The alcohol will evaporate and help the gel colors dry faster on your cake.  Liquid food colors don’t need to be thinned out. 

Now that you’ve had a chance to see this painting technique, what are your thoughts? How do you think it compares with other cake decorating techniques out there?

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Red Red Roses!

image of red-red-roses

Beautiful Red Roses!

I came across this link recently and thought that it was a really great step-by-step tutorial on making a simple cake look stunning by covering it with beautiful red roses.

The website is in Italian, but the pictures are so good that it would be easy enough to follow even if you don’t speak a word!

image of red roses on cake

With some practice, it is a technique that I am sure could be used on many, many other cakes.

For advice on getting a lovely deep red colour for your red roses, have a look at the tips and tricks page.

How to Create a Realistic Sugarcraft Rose with Sugarpaste

Steps for Creating a Sugarcraft Rose

  1. Draw out the shape of your rose using a rolling pin and dowel (keeps it symmetrical)
  2. Add leaves around the edge of the rose petal as you construct your sugarcraft flower
  3. Trace out the shape of your rose petal on white sugarpaste, then cut it out on an angle to make the petals 3D
  4. Starting from the outer edge, roll up one side of your petal, then press in place before rotating it 180 degrees and rolling up again… repeat this process all along each side until you reach the center
  5. Add green sugar

Tylose Powder

Tylose Powder

Tylose Powder – A Must For Your Kit!

Tylose PowderA really, really useful and money saving thing to have in your Sugarcraft kit is a tub of Tylose powder.  It has quite a few uses.  One of them is making your own edible sugar glue.  The particular powder that I used to use required a mix of one part Tylose Powder to 30 parts water.  You give it a good mix, put it in the refrigerator over night, and you have enough glue to last you a while! So you can imagine, if you were to use just one teaspoon of Tylose Powder at a time, you would make a lot of glue for your money, in comparison to buying the ready made stuff.

Another very handy use is to make fondant stiffer.  Sometimes when making models, or flowers with fondant, it tends to get quite soft, and doesn’t dry as hard as flower paste.  By adding some Tylose Powder, and working it into your fondant, you will find that it adds more gums to it, and it will dry harder.

So what do customers say about it? And what tips do they have?

The Good

Customers really appreciated the fact that buying Tylose Powder saved them money on buying both gumpaste and glue.  They were also impressed by the quality of this product.

Tips From Customers

For best results, knead in the Tylose Powder to your fondant and let it sit, covered, overnight.

For places with higher humidity, use more Tylose Powder in your fondant.

Experiment with the amount of Tylose Powder needed in your fondant – too little will not make it dry hard enough, and too much will make the fondant too dry, and will leave cracked and rough edges.

Edible Food Markers


Edible Food Markers by AmeriColor


One of the best selling products that we used to stock in the Cake Decorating section of the shop that I worked in were edible food markers.  People with very little cake decorating experience were able to write or draw on a plain fondant iced cake to add a personal touch.

They are also useful when adding small details to models or designs, such as eyes, nose and mouth to faces.  They are also great to use on pops, chocolate and cookies.  Kids find them easy to use as well, and can get involved in the decorating!

I have to say that there are many options available (some of them featured below), and they have varying success rates!  The edible food markers by AmeriColor are the best selling ones on Amazon at the moment, so I thought I would summarize the reviews for you so you can decide if you would like to try them out or not!

Edible Food MarkersEdible Food Markers

Wilton Ultimate Cake Decorating Tools Set and Tool Box Organizer

The Good

First off, the reviews on Amazon are mostly positive.  The general comments are that people have tried many different brands, but would go back to these edible food markers by AmeriColor if they were to buy again.

The customers say that the lines are fine, and easy to control, and that there is no bleeding of the lines.  The colors are also bright and bold.  One customer was very pleased with how long they lasted without drying out compared to other brands.

The Not So Good

Some of the customers said that the colors were a little on the light side, and they wished they were brighter.  They said that you can improve this by going over your lines a few times.

Tips From Customers

A few people said that the pens dried up quickly, or didn’t last very long before they ran out, so the quality can perhaps be a little inconsistent.

If the pens start to dry out after not using them for a while, rehydrate them by dipping into water.

Cover a plain cake and get all the kids at the party to sign their name on the cake with a marker before taking a photo and eating! Great memory!

If the fondant starts to get too soft to write on, pop it into the fridge for ten minutes to harden and give you an easier surface to work on.