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Simple Unicorn Cake Designs You Can Make At Home

Simple Unicorn Cake Designs You Can Make At Home

If your kid has chosen a unicorn-themed birthday, you’re probably wondering which simple unicorn cake design to choose, right?

Don’t worry, we have you covered! There are so many great options to choose from and create a magical atmosphere that guarantees an unforgettable party. 

With a little bit of skills, DIY passion, and creativity, you can make a delicious unicorn cake design that will be a real showstopper. (You could even start your own cake business)! You can decorate it using unicorn decorations kits, colorful fondant and buttercream, and amazing shapes and sprinkles! 

If you’re all about a simple unicorn cake design that will make your child and their friends happy and joyful, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn about the most amazing designs you can prepare in the comfort of your own home!

Why Should You Choose a Unicorn Theme Cake?

Did you know that unicorn theme cakes are one of the most popular cake themes today for children and young adults? 


As symbols of fantasy and happiness, unicorn-inspired cakes transport you into the world of fairytales!

By choosing a unicorn-themed cake for a birthday, you will:

  • Add a magical touch to the special moment and put smiles on children’s faces
  • Make sure everyone has a great time and enjoys a yummy cake
  • You’re not limited to one or two cake designs to choose from (there are so many awesome unicorn cake designs!)
  • These cakes are so photogenic and guarantee great photos that you’ll cherish forever

Below, check out some stunning ideas for one-of-a-kind unicorn cake designs!

Simple Unicorn Cake Designs You Can Make at Home

Unicorn Cake with a lot of Sprinkles

This cake will leave you breathless! 

Full of sparkling god sugar and a lovely mane made from buttercream rosettes, this vibrant unicorn two-tier cake is easily customizable and guarantees a magical touch to any special celebration!

Unicorn Cake with Rainbow Layer


You’ll love this cake idea: the horn is made using an ice cream cone and covered with lots of frosting and then rolled in colorful sprinkles. 

This is a great choice for those who’re not the most skilled out there in making figures from fondant. 

The individual rainbow layers reveal colorful slices that will leave everyone impressed.

Unicorn Poke Cake

Simple Unicorn Cake Designs You Can Make At Home

Sometimes, you don’t need a unicorn kit to make a unicorn cake. A rainbow may suffice!

This is a fun rainbow cake made using a box cake mix, vanilla pudding, and a frosting from whipped cream. The toppings from colorful sprinkles will delight everyone and create a sweet unicorn vibe!

Unicorn Cake with Cheese Frosting

If you’re on the lookout for a traditional unicorn cake, this is the best recipe you can get your hands on! 

This iconic version features a white frosted face, a colorful mane from piping, a golden horn, and black eyelashes. 

If you’re up for a fun challenge and you love DIY cakes, this is the best option for you!

Highway Unicorn Cake

Hop on the ombre trend with this lovely Highway Unicorn cake. 

Kids and adults alike won’t be able to get enough of the colorful layers of strawberry vanilla cake and fluffy buttercream. 

The ombre effect is so cool: you can achieve it with edible gold chocolate drips. The macaron decoration pairs so well with this cake, doesn’t it?

Raw Vegan Unicorn Cake


This impressive unicorn cake is proof that healthy cakes aren’t boring!

If your kid has decided on a unicorn cake for their special day, you’ll love to know that there’s a raw, vegan, and gluten-free delicious version too.

You’ll love the raw sponge with amazing ingredients like soaked cashews, ground almonds, and coconut oil. The frosting is yummy and made using blue spirulina, arrowroot starch, and cacao butter. 

Simple Unicorn Cake

simple unicorn cake

Simplicity never goes out of style. 

You’ll love this one-tier magical cake that’s colorful and sweet. It’s topped with ice cream cones and cotton candy and confetti. Great for the less experienced bakers out there!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you make a unicorn-themed cake at home?

If you have experience in baking and decorating cakes, a unicorn-themed cake will be an enjoyable challenge! And, there are also simpler versions you can choose if you don’t feel ready for a more complex unicorn cake!

What are the must-have elements for a simple unicorn cake design?

When making a unicorn cake, focus on the most important elements, i.e. the right mix of colors, a proper mane, a horn, glitter, and lots of sprinkles!

Is a unicorn cake suitable for an adult?

Of course! Unicorn cakes are for everyone. After all, it’s your birthday and you choose the cake! Life’s a bit too short to care what others think!

Final Thoughts

You no longer have to spend a small fortune by buying a ready-made unicorn cake for your children’s special occasions like a birthday or another important milestone. You can actually make one at home! 

If you have experience in baking and decorating cakes and sweets and you’ll always be up for a DIY baking project, these simple unicorn cake designs are a must-try. 

What’s your favorite from the top seven unicorn cakes that we shared?!




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