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American Cake Decorating Magazine Review

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American Cake Decorating Magazine Review


American Cake Decorating magazine is a publication dedicated to the art and craft of cake decorating. Founded in 1995, the magazine has become a leading source of information and inspiration for cake decorators of all levels.

American Cake Decorating Magazine Topics

The magazine covers a wide range of topics related to cake decorating, including techniques, tools, ingredients, and design ideas. Each issue features step-by-step tutorials, interviews with industry experts, and profiles of successful cake decorators. It also includes product reviews, industry news, and information about upcoming events and competitions.

One of the unique features of American Cake Decorating is its focus on both traditional and modern cake decorating techniques. While the magazine offers plenty of coverage of classic styles like fondant and buttercream, it also explores emerging trends like 3D printing and edible art. This diversity of content allows readers to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques while also refining their skills in traditional styles.

Overall, American Cake Decorating magazine is an essential resource for anyone interested in the art of cake decorating. Its in-depth coverage, expert advice, and creative inspiration make it a must-read for professionals and hobbyists alike.

American Cake Decorating Magazine Subscription

American Cake Decorating Magazine Review
American Cake Decorating Magazine Subscription – $32.00

1 year, 6 issues – American Cake Decorating magazine has been a key resource to the cake decorating community since 1995. Recognizing that cake decorating and sugar arts continue to grow as a profession and passion, ACD brings fresh, evolving ideas and inspiration to its readers. The ACD team works diligently to keep the magazine and its website a leading education and training resource. Each issue includes several tutorials, reviews of cake shows and contests across the country, fresh ideas, new products and business information for the professional.

In addition to the print magazine, American Cake Decorating offers digital subscriptions, online courses, and a community forum where readers can connect with each other and share ideas. The magazine’s website also includes a blog with additional tips and tutorials.


How To Ice A Cake

How To Ice A Cake

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