How to Ice a Cake

Review Of Wilton Ultimate Decorating Set

Review Of Wilton Ultimate Decorating Set

This Wiltons 50 piece caddy and decorating set would make a wonderful gift for the Cake Decorator in your life!  Not only do you get a really useful caddy for storing, organizing and transporting all of your Sugarcraft kit, but you get a caddy full of great Wilton’s items too!

So what does this kit include? (amazingly, Amazon don’t include this in the product description, but one of the reviewers, kindly provides a comprehensive list!  You can also find the same list on the Wilton site.)

Ultimate Cake Decorating Set, 263-Piece Tool Set


… So basically the Wiltons 263 piece decorating set contains everything you need to get started and decorate your cake.

Review Of Wilton Ultimate Decorating Set

So the next thing is – is it any good?!  Let’s ask some of the reviewers..

The Good

A Baker’s Dream Review by Carol B.
” This kit contains everything I could possibly need for baking and decorating cakes, cupcakes, and cookies with icing, candy, and fondant. I’m delighted with everything included in the kit.”

Most people said that this kit contains all of the basics that you need to get started, and makes it cheaper than buying each of the items individually.  They also comment on the fact that the caddy is big enough to fit a lot of extras, and this makes it very useful to store and carry all of your must have items.

Another positive that keeps coming up is that the instruction guide is very useful and easy to follow for beginners.

The Not So Good

Despite many 5 star reviews, a few reviews stated that pieces were missing and had returned the item.


Overall, it seems that an overwhelming majority of people that bought this caddy as a gift or for themselves were more than happy with it.  It would make a PERFECT gift for someone who likes to make cakes, and would like to get started in cake decorating.


How To Ice A Cake

How To Ice A Cake

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