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Baylan Istanbul


Timeless Patisserie Craftsmanship in Istanbul


Patisseries have a very important place in the urban culture. Baylan, with its 96-year history, is a pearl-like patisserie in the urban fabric of Istanbul. Baylan’s legendary chocolate truffle cake is one of the noblest representatives of the Austrian pastry tradition. Baylan was not the first pastry shop in Istanbul but it has the characteristic of being the oldest one that served its clients continuously since it opened its doors 96 years ago. Dating back to 1923, Baylan is the same age as the Turkish Republic. It has been serving cakes, chocolates, tarts, and Western-style desserts for nearly a century now. The Coupe Grille (Kup Griye), that is also served in some cafes across Europe as Coupe Baylan, is the creation of Baylan Patisserie.

Rewritten Profile Description: Discover the Essence of Time-Honored Patisserie at Baylan Istanbul

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Istanbul’s culinary culture at Baylan, a cherished patisserie with a remarkable 96-year legacy. Indulge in the opulent flavors that have graced generations, epitomized by the famed Austrian-inspired chocolate truffle cake – a masterpiece that echoes the past while delighting the present.

Baylan, established in 1923, stands as an enduring testament to Istanbul’s history, mirroring the journey of the Turkish Republic itself. With unwavering dedication, this haven of confectionery excellence has offered delectable cakes, luscious chocolates, exquisite tarts, and decadent Western-style desserts for close to a century. Notably, the iconic Coupe Grille (Kup Griye), known as Coupe Baylan in select European cafes, traces its origins to the creative prowess of Baylan Patisserie.

At Baylan, every day is a celebration of seasonal abundance meticulously crafted by our pastry artisans. From the eagerly anticipated Karaorman cake in spring to the heartwarming salep cake in winter, each creation is a symphony of flavors that captures the essence of the changing seasons.

Embark on a culinary journey with Baylan Istanbul and weave the threads of tradition and innovation into your special moments. Explore our timeless delights, lovingly curated to make your cherished occasions truly extraordinary. Visit our website to experience the artistry that defines Baylan – where every bite narrates a tale of passion and indulgence.


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Amazing experience, cute place with delicious food and wonderful service.

We went there for a late night desert and had a great experience. The waiter was so friendly and went out of his way to make sure we enjoyed our time.

**Amir Kalantari**


They have a variety of pastry, desserts, coffee and also food. You won’t go wrong with anything they have on the menu πŸ™‚

**Adwa S**


Beautiful view, excellent service and fresh delicious desserts and coffee. All with a lovely smell of fresh bakeries. Food is not great but everything else is.

**Ahmed Al-Emadi**

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