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Wedding Cake Ideas

We have collected some useful wedding cake ideas to help you to make good decisions about this important part of your special day!

Wedding Cake IdeasShould I make the cake myself?

The answer is a most definite “NO” if you have not really done cake decorating before, or have limited experience.

If you don’t know what you are doing, you could end up with disastrous results. Even a very simple cake, if not finished professionally will show up every bump, crease, mark and flaw.

Remember, this cake is going to be a center piece is many of your wedding photos which you will look back on for many years to come!

Most cake decorators that I know will also refuse to decorate a cake that someone else has made.  I have heard horror stories of the mother of the bride presenting uneven, flat and even burnt cakes to the poor cake decorator who then is given all of the “credit” for the cake, and may get a bad reputation!

So my advice is – unless you really know what you are doing, it is worth spending some money and getting a professional to do it.

So how do I choose a professional?

You will more than likely come across a vast and confusing amount of choices when it comes to choosing someone to make your wedding cake.  The prices can vary hugely, and so can the quality!

As with any important purchase, make sure that you leave yourself plenty of time to do your homework and your research your wedding cake ideas properly.  Before you begin, write down your budget, the kind of cake you are looking for, and even cut out or print some pictures of the kind of cake you would like.

Next, collect the names and contact details of a good number of cake decorators in your area.  Recommendations are also a good way to go – ask around for people with a good reputation. Then contact your list of decorators requesting a quote, and asking them some questions.


Here are some questions that you may like to ask them:

  • How long have you been cake decorating?
  • Do you have any photos of your work?
  • Can you give me any references of previous customers?
  • Will the final price include transportation to the venue, or will I have to arrange this myself?

This final question is an important one whether you are making it yourself, or employing someone else to do it.  It is very tricky to transport a delicate wedding cake.  Sometimes it is easier to make and decorate each tier individually and then allow plenty of time to assemble it at the wedding reception venue.  If the cake has to be transported as a whole, you may need to do this in a van with a non-slip mat underneath it and plenty of tissue or bubble wrap around it to protect the cake.  It is very hard to find cake boxes large enough for tiered cakes. Even then, it is vital that the person drives very carefully!

When looking for Wedding Cake ideas, keep these points in mind!

Would you like your cake to be iced in white or ivory fondant?  This should be decided by the color of your dress!  If you are wearing a white dress, and your cake is ivory, when you are standing next to or behind your cake, it will look dirty! However, if your cake is a brilliant white, and your dress is ivory, your dress will appear dirty, particularly in your photographs!

Will you use fresh flowers, or buy/make sugar flowers?  Fresh flowers will exactly match your bouquet, and will more than likely be a cheaper option. If you choose fresh flowers, make sure to use a posy pick such as Wiltons Flower SpikesWedding Cake Ideas.  This will ensure that your cake is not contaminated in any way by the flowers.

If you choose handmade sugar flowers which are wired, you will also need to use a posy pick.  Even though this option will be more expensive, they can be made a long time in advance, and can also be a memento that you can keep for years to come.  As long as they are stored in a dry container, they can keep for as long as 40 years!

When choosing the cake itself, remember that some cake (such as fruit) will last a long, long time and can be made in advance, whereas other cakes need to be eaten fresh.  Obviously  fruit cake is much heavier than a sponge cake, and it wouldn’t be the smartest idea to stack a fruit cake on top of a softer cake without proper supports.

When it comes to cake design – do you want to use some sort of columns between the tiers, or would you like a stacked cake? Make sure that they are supported and doweled properly.

As to color, design and layout, there are endless varieties and ideas. Look at magazines, books and online for a design that you really love.

Above all, don’t neglect to put some thought into your wedding cake ideas – it is an important part of your wedding day and will feature in many of your wedding photos!

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