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Serdar Yener Pastry Chef and Cake Artist

serdar-yener-cake artist

Serdar Yener

Specialty: Culinary Artist, realistic three dimensional cakes, aquarelle paintings with sugar colours and food sculptures including chocolate sculptures
Favorite Cake: I have too many favourites
Location: Gold Coast
Country: Australia

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Serdar Yener Biography

Serdar Yener is a pastry chef and cake artist who has worked in various countries over the course of his career and produced amazing cake sugarcraft tutorials. He was born in Istanbul and grew up in a family with a background in manufacturing. Yener started his career as a trainee outlet controller at Istanbul Hilton when he was 17. After observing the pastry kitchen staff at work, he began to assist them, and soon realized he was more interested in practical work than administrative tasks. Later, Yener went to Dusseldorf Hilton in Germany as an assistant pastry chef, and then became the head pastry chef there. He attended a pastry chef seminar in Vienna, Austria, and his reputation grew. Biancalio Corporate of Inter-Continental hotel sent him a job offer, which he accepted. He then worked as a pastry chef at Kuala Lumpur Pan Pacific in Malaysia, where he faced some initial challenges with language but was able to lead a highly ambitious and successful pastry team.

Yener’s family had a successful manufacturing business, but after his grandfather passed away, the legacy did not continue. He was determined to make his own success and embarked on a career in the culinary arts. In 1969, when he was 17 years old, Yener started working as a trainee outlet controller at Istanbul Hilton. He worked in a large pastry kitchen, where he was responsible for counting and recording every bit of dessert, ice cream, bread, and pastries. After a few days of observing the pastry kitchen staff, Yener started to assist them, and he found it more interesting than filling out forms. He was promoted to assistant pastry chef at Dusseldorf Hilton, where he worked under Executive Chef Gunther Scherrer, who was the most demanding chef Yener had ever worked with. Yener later became the head pastry chef, and his reputation grew. He attended a pastry chef seminar in Vienna, where he learned a lot from Walter Glocker, a renowned pastry chef.

In 1985, Yener moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to work as a pastry chef at Pan Pacific hotel. Yener faced some initial challenges with the language barrier, but he was able to lead a highly ambitious and successful pastry team. His Executive Chef, Werner Meyer, trusted him from the first day and allowed him to work in the way that he found most productive and creative. Despite the initial communication challenges, Yener was able to train and lead his team, and he achieved a high standard that made “La Patisserie” a popular pastry shop in town.

Throughout his career, Yener has worked in various countries and has had the opportunity to learn from some of the best chefs in the world. He has also faced some challenges, such as language barriers, but has been able to overcome them through hard work and determination. Yener’s passion for pastry and his drive to succeed have led him to become a renowned pastry chef and cake artist.

What Countries have you worked in?

Turkey (I was born in Istanbul), Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, New Zealand, USA, Ireland & Holland.

How did you begin as a culinary artist?

I had an ordinary childhood life with lots of self-made toys like wood carved guns and galvanised wire trucks. I could still remember the football matches my friends and I had on the dusty streets whenever it was free of cars. Not to mention the wooden scooter I made with ball bearing wheels. I got good at carving skills, being creative and a steady hand.

Can we see some of your work?

Sure, here are a few samples of my work.


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