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Reviews of Linden Sweden Baker’s Cooling Rack

Reviews of Linden Sweden Baker’s Cooling Rack

The Linden Sweden bakers cooling rack is something that is as versatile as it is useful.  Many people find that space is a very precious commodity in the kitchen – trust the country that invented Ikea to come up with more space-saving solutions!

The black powder-coated metal rack folds flat for when you are not using it.  The 4 shelves/tiers are height adjustable and are sturdy enough to hold your baking while it cools.  You can use it to cool pizzas, cookies, cakes, and even other craft projects.

The rack is 13 inches tall when assembled, and folds flat to 20 x 10x 1 inch when you want to store it.

So what have the customers said about it? After reading the reviews, it makes me very tempted to get one myself!!

Pros of the Linden Sweden Baker’s Cooling Rack

Linden Sweden baker’s cooling rack

Overall, this baking rack gets fantastic reviews.  

  • One thing that I would be concerned about would be whether it would be sturdy enough to hold 4 racks or trays without falling over, but according to the customers, it is very sturdy.  Even if you leave out the middle two tiers, it can remain sturdy.

Cons of the Linden Sweden Baker’s Cooling Rack

  • You can’t use it for smaller round tins unless you put something else underneath it.
  • Some people found that the locking mechanism on the bottom was quite stiff, although this seemed to improve with use.
  • A couple of people also found that the bottom corners of the rack were very sharp, and would benefit from some tape or something just to take off the sharp bits. Bear this in mind if you have a countertop that could get damaged.

Tips from Customers

Use trays on tiers to lay out sheets of homemade pasta!

Jan West

Buy two of the racks – one for precooked items, and one for cooling trays that have come out of the oven.

Keryn – Pro Cake Maker

Don’t stack it with the heavier items on the top first without putting trays on the lower tiers – this gives it added stability.

Jacque M – Pastry Chef

Use this in your freezer for cookie sheets when you have to freeze a lot of items to save space.

Pam Kennedy – Work at home mom

Where can I buy a Linden Sweden Baker’s Cooling Rack?

linden-sweden-bakers-cooling-rack-01Linden Sweden bakers cooling racks can be found at Bed, Bath & Beyond, WayFair, Pampered Chef and Amazon.

Should I Get A Bakers Cooling Rack?

As a cake decorator, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of investing in a good quality baker’s cooling rack. Swedish-made baker’s cooling racks are one of the best options on the market and are worth considering for any novice cake baker.

First and foremost, a cooling rack is an essential tool for any baker. It allows your baked goods to cool down evenly and prevents condensation from forming on the bottom, which can cause soggy or unevenly baked cakes. With Swedish made baker’s cooling racks, you can rest assured that your cakes will cool down evenly and maintain their texture and shape.

Are Cooling Racks Worth It?

Another advantage of Swedish made baker’s cooling racks is their durability. They are made from high-quality materials that can withstand frequent use and the weight of even the heaviest cakes. This means that you won’t have to worry about your cooling rack warping or bending over time, which can affect the quality of your baked goods.

In addition to their durability, Swedish made baker’s cooling racks like the Linden Sweden bakers cooling rack are also easy to clean. They are typically made from non-stick materials that prevent food from sticking and can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth or sponge. This means that you can spend less time cleaning up and more time focusing on your baking.

Is A Baking Rack The Same As A Cooling Rack?

A baking rack and a cooling rack are not exactly the same things. A baking rack is used to elevate food off of the surface of the pan during the baking process to allow air to circulate around the food and cook it evenly. A cooling rack is used after the baking process is complete, to allow baked goods to cool down evenly and prevent condensation from forming on the bottom of the baked goods. While they share some similarities, they serve different purposes and are not interchangeable. It’s important to use the appropriate type of rack for each stage of the baking process to ensure the best results.

Can I Put A Baker’s Cooling Rack In The Oven?

It depends on what its made of…

Baking and cooling racks can be made from a variety of materials, each with its own advantages and limitations when it comes to temperature extremes.

Stainless steel is a common material for both baking and cooling racks. It is durable, easy to clean, and can withstand high temperatures without warping or bending. However, stainless steel can become hot to the touch, making it less suitable for handling immediately after use.

Aluminum is another popular material for baking and cooling racks. It is lightweight, conducts heat well, and can withstand high temperatures without warping. However, aluminum can be reactive with acidic foods, causing discoloration or a metallic taste.

Non-stick coatings are often applied to baking and cooling racks to prevent food from sticking. These coatings are generally safe for use at moderate temperatures, but can break down and release toxic fumes when exposed to high heat.

Silicone is a newer material used for baking and cooling racks. It is non-stick, heat-resistant, and can be easily cleaned. However, it can be flimsy and may not be able to support heavier baked goods.

In general, stainless steel and aluminum are the most suitable materials for baking and cooling racks, as they can withstand high temperatures without warping or bending. Non-stick coatings and silicone can also be effective but may have limitations depending on the specific product and use. It’s important to carefully review the manufacturer’s instructions and specifications to ensure that the rack is suitable for the intended use and temperature range.

Things To Consider When Buying a Bakers Cooling Rack

When shopping for a baker’s cooling rack, there are a few factors to consider. First, make sure to choose a rack that is large enough to accommodate your largest cakes or batches of cookies. You don’t want to be limited by a small rack that can only hold a few items at a time. Also, consider the spacing between the wires on the rack. A closer spacing may be better for smaller items like cookies, while a wider spacing may be better for larger items like cakes.

Overall, Swedish-made baker’s cooling racks are a wise investment for any novice cake baker. Try Linden Sweden bakers cooling rack. They offer durability, ease of use, and the ability to cool your baked goods evenly, ensuring that your cakes and other treats turn out perfectly every time.


How To Ice A Cake

How To Ice A Cake

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