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Best Cordless Handheld Cake Airbrush Kit

Best Cordless Handheld Cake Airbrush Kit

Airbrushing is the ultimate cake decoration technique!

It’s become increasingly popular in the last decade or two among professionals and home bakers. 

It’s a practical and convenient way to decorate cakes that are covered in icing or fondant. 

With a quality cake airbrush kit, you can easily add borders, inscriptions, and buttercream accents to add volume and create lovely shapes like flowers, pearls, or stars. 

With the right airbrush cake decorating kit, you needn’t be a cake expert to decorate homemade cakes like a pro! These sets are easy to use and promise to deliver great decorating results!

We Compare the 2 Best Cordless Handheld Cake Airbrush Kit

Cordless Handheld Cake Airbrush Kit
airbrush cake decorating Cake Impression- PME-Airbrush-Compressor-Kit

What Is a Cake Airbrush Kit?

An airbrush is a must-have kitchen tool. It’s not just great for commercial purposes, but it’s also an indispensable cake-decorating tool for home bakers!

An airbrush is used to apply pigments and colors to decorate cakes and other sweets. 

The airbrush has significantly evolved: today, there are numerous options you can choose from and a variety of kits with a long list of nozzles, airbrush guns, and air compressors. 

And, the cordless models seem to be leading the way as they’re free of cords and work on batteries, making the process convenient and fast.

Below, check the most common elements that a quality cake airbrush kit should include.

The Air Compressor

The compressor usually has three airflow options, that is, high, medium, and low.

An Airbrush Gun

The precision gun comes with single or dual action and a common 0.4mm-sized nozzle. This is a universal size; however, many kits include various nozzle sizes to suit everyone’s needs. 

The Air Hose 

The hose connects the compressor with the airbrush pistol. 

Gel Food Colors 

Some sets include several gel food colors, although it’s not always the case. You can also purchase them separately. 

What Should You Know Before Buying an Airbrush Cake Decorating Kit?

When deciding on a cake airbrush kit, you should know that most of them differ in the airbrush gun. That is, in the type. You can choose between a single- or a dual-action airbrush. 

Single- vs. Dual-Action Airbrush 

The single-action type is recommendable for beginners because it’s simple to use. This airbrush gun works on a back-and-forth movement. 

To color, you need to pull back and to stop, you return the trigger back to place. In this model, the air is constantly running through the gun. 

The dual-action airbrush requires the user’s control of the airflow by pressing the trigger down and then pulling it back to start the spraying process. This type of airbrush may be more suitable for experienced airbrush decorators and professional cake decorators. 

Another factor is whether the model is corded or cordless. Cordless airbrush kits are revolutionizing the spraying of cakes. 

Corded Airbrush 

These kits tend to be more expensive and also take up more space. The compressor is bigger and transport and storage may be more complicated than a cordless option. 

There may be a lot of cords and additional tubes you have to deal with. 

The traditional models also need electricity to work. You’re also limited in space due to the cords.

Cordless Airbrush 

Cordless airbrushes are a convenient alternative because they’re lightweight, easy to transport, and easy to use without compromises. This airbrush works by taking air from a micro compressor to atomize the paint. 

The paint is released from the nozzle. The airflow picks it up and applies it to the desired area. Being operated by air, the spraying is flawless and without streaks. 

Cordless airbrush kits work on batteries and allow for free movement while decorating, without having to struggle with any cables. 

Cordless vs. Corded Cake Airbrush Kits 

U.S. Cake Supply’s Cordless Handheld Airbrush Cake Decorating Kit

Cordless Handheld Cake Airbrush Kit

Perfect your airbrushing technique and enjoy the process of decorating cakes without worrying about cables or power supply by choosing this high-rated kit

It really contains everything you need to make lovely cakes and sweets and add your personal touch to cakes. 

In the set, you get everything you need to get started: a dual-action airbrush, a cordless air compressor with three airflow settings, 24 airbrush food colors, as well as a user guide manual with airbrushing tips and techniques. 

Suitable for beginners and professionals, this kit only requires adding a couple of color drops to the airbrush, powering up the compressor, and pushing the trigger down while pulling it back to start working! 

From blending and shading colors to writing scripts, this is the airbrush kit set you’ve been missing out on to start enjoying cake decoration more. Say goodbye to heavy elements and tangling cords by choosing this cake airbrush kit!

PME’s Airbrush Compressor Kit for Cake Decorating [Corded]

airbrush cake decorating Cake Impression- PME-Airbrush-Compressor-Kit

This 220 V corded electric airbrush compressor is made of premium materials and provides excellent spray control. 

It’s not noisy and heavy like some older models of corded airbrushing kits. However, it still comes with cords because it needs electricity to airbrush.

It promises professional results and it will help you make the loveliest creations with minimal effort. 

This premium set includes the compressor, a single-action airbrush, an electrical power cable with an adaptor, an airbrush holder, an air hose, a pipette, and a mini spanner. You also get an instructions manual to start your airbrushing journey right away.

If you prefer single-action airbrushes and corded models, this premium kit is what you need to start making stunning cake decorations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to airbrush a cake?

No! Not at all. Airbrushing cakes and other desserts is a fun and easy process. The airbrush allows you to make one-of-a-kind and lovely elements with your favorite colors.

What about Cake Airbrush Kit vs Manual Airbrush for Cakes

Read this article on Cake Airbrush Kit vs Manual Airbrush for Cakes to see how the manual airbrush stacks up.

What kind of food coloring is best with airbrushing?

Follow the instructions that came with the airbrush as to know which are the best food coloring options for the airbrush kit you have. The good news is that there are several quality airbrush food coloring brands you can choose from to ensure best results.

Final Thoughts

Airbrushing is the ultimate cake decoration technique!

Without a doubt, cake airbrushing is one of the most frequently used decorating techniques today. It’s good news that you have a plethora of airbrush cake decorating kits to choose from and create artsy cakes in the comfort of your own home.

Nowadays, cordless models are considered superior to corded traditional models because they’re designed to be lightweight, compact, and free of cords. 

They only need to be charged to start doing their magic, so you’re not restricted to one area with the power supply to make a lovely cake creation as it may be the case with a corded model. 

No need to wait anymore: start creating magical cake decorations by ordering your cordless handheld cake airbrush kit.

Goodbye, boring cake designs!




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