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Best Selling Unicorn Cake Toppers Review

best unicorn cake toppers
Best Selling Unicorn Cake Toppers Review

Make the dreamiest cake for your kids and bring fairytales to life with the five best-selling unicorn cake toppers!

Cake toppers with unicorns are increasingly popular cake decorations today. They bring a special touch to every cake and trigger happy feelings in children.

It’s safe to say: little ladies adore unicorns in every shape, color, and form. This is why decorating a cake with this topper is a great idea! It will bring joy to a kid’s birthday and help you celebrate their important milestone in a unique way.

Considering the amount of unicorn cake decorations available today, it’s not always easy to pick the best one! But, you needn’t worry. We made the ultimate list for you. Once you choose a favorite, the fun begins!

What Are Unicorn Cake Toppers?

Unicorn cake toppers are toppers shaped like unicorns. They’re used to decorate cakes, sweets, and so many other foods, especially during children’s birthdays and other celebrations. 

They’re whimsical and magical and come in different sizes, styles, and shapes to suit every child’s preference and your budget. A quality unicorn cake topper is made using durable materials and a lot of them are reusable. 

If you’re still not convinced why a unicorn cake topper is the ultimate cake decoration, check out some great reasons to get one:

  • Suitable for children’s cakes for any special milestone 
  • Add a special, magical touch to every sweet or cake 
  • Help keep children entertained and brings the cake’s aesthetics to the next level 
  • Kids adore unicorns so this topper is a great choice for a surprise party 
  • A lot of these toppers are also awesome for teens and even young women who like everything unicorn-related 

The 5 Best Selling Unicorn Cake Toppers Review 

Unicorn Cake Topper Kit with Lashes 

Best Selling Unicorn Cake Toppers ReviewBest Selling Unicorn Cake Toppers Review

If you’re going for dreamy cake aesthetics, this unicorn cake topper kit is a must. 

It’s made from non-toxic material. It features a golden unicorn horn and ears made of soft material. The stake is made using food-safe plastic and allows for the topper to stand firmly on the cake. 

In the kit, you get a golden unicorn horn, a set of ears, as well as seven flowers as extra cake decoration. The pair of eyelashes is definitely a nice touch and completes the cake’s unicorn vibes. 

None of the elements are edible!

Unicorn Cake Topper Kit (Pack of 15) 

Washable and reusable, this set of 15 colorful elements that you can use to decorate unicorn-themed cakes is amazing. The elements are made using paper, edible paint, and eco-friendly resin. 

The toppers are non-toxic and suitable when you need to decorate sweets or cakes with a unicorn theme. 

The kit contains one rainbow, one moon, two stars, two unicorns, five clouds, and four colorful balloons. This kit is ideal for 6-inch-10-inch cakes. 

Unicorn Toppers & Wrappers for Muffins & Cakes 

Decorate cakes and muffins in a unicorn theme using this set of unicorn cake decorations. 

This set features 24 unicorn cupcake wrappers and 24 cupcake toppers. You can also use the toppers for cakes in different shapes and sizes. 

The wrappers are double-sided: one side features eyelashes and a flower motive while the other side is rainbow color.

The toppers are made of quality card stock and it’s durable and non-fading. And, you needn’t worry about the assembling process. You don’t need any tape or glue. You can set up each topper in a matter of seconds. 

These wrappers come without a bottom. They’re in no way cups and aren’t suitable for the microwave or oven. They’re purely decorative elements.

Unicorn Bubble Balls Topper Set (20 Pcs)

This set of 20 wonderful pieces features two pieces of unicorn-shaped toppers, six pieces of white balls, six pieces of pink balls, and six pieces of pearl-colored balls. 

The pieces are all made using premium plastic, eco-friendly resin and boast smooth surfaces. They’re also quite sturdy. 

What buyers love the most is the ability to wash and reuse the pieces for another occasion. 

To use them, you just set them right onto the cake or muffin. The removal is very easy and straightforward: you needn’t use any additional tools, only your hands. 

Unicorn Cake Decoration Kit

Want your kid to have the most unique cake?- This set is everything you need! Ideal for kids who adore unicorn decorations, this set offers one unicorn horn with ears, two eyelashes, and one wing. 

You can use the elements from the set to decorate the cake alongside your kid. The quality is premium and sturdy. The pieces are made by hand. 

This set is awesome for the decoration of birthday cakes, but also any other cakes and sweets you’ve planned for the celebration of an important milestone. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Reuse Unicorn Cake Toppers?

Generally speaking, you can. Most models we presented can be reused multiple times. You just need to wash and dry them and store them for later.

Are Unicorn Cake Decorations Expensive?

The unicorn cake toppers usually come in sets and a lot of the decorations can be reused multiple times. Their price range is within $30 to $40, although there are less and more expensive options so there’s one for every budget.

Final Thoughts 

Homemade cakes and sweets have a special magic: they’re made with a lot of love and guarantee a fun surprise.

If you also enjoy making cakes for your loved ones, you’re probably always “worried” about whether you’ll choose the right decorations so the surprise is even better. 

If you’re unsure how to decorate a cake for a kid’s birthday or another important milestone, think no further! Unicorn cake toppers are one of the most popular choices today.

They will add that special touch that the cake is missing. They can be found in various sizes and styles, from more classic and simple ones to the most colorful and bright models.

When choosing unicorn cake decorations, pick the ones made of premium materials since they’re long-lasting and sturdy. Some of them can be used multiple times, which makes them a great investment. 

You no longer have an excuse to not entertain guests and make unforgettable cakes: which set from the top five we presented will you order first?




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